AGENT GREEN works with and represents green businesses.

 i.e. ones who meet one or more of the blow criteria
1. They are either pre startup (seed) - post startup or are in the growth phase i.e. in some way they are a young or green company.
2. They have green products/values - a product that is good for the environment - in the holistic health & wellness industry or helps & benefits people.

I help run diagnostics on all aspects of a business. Your business.

From target customer, product, marketing, pricing, margins, packaging, production, cash flow, profit & loss, costs, processes etc.

The idea is to help stream line your process, provide systems, tools, guidance, mentoring & direction that gives you relevant information, better control and understanding of your business.

Green business' are often too busy fighting fires (or helping change the world) to take a step back and see the bigger picture or have a clear direction.  I will help you navigate through all of this clutter and set your path to success & walk with you to great achievements. 

 The driving force of my business is that I want to grow with your business and in partnership with your business and not at its expense. 

When you succeed, I succeed.  I what your business to be my biggest brand ambassador.

My name is Kennedy Gandhi, Agent Green has grown out of my love for seeing organic growth in business and the growth of the organic industry. 

I have over 25 years experience in retail, banking and finance sectors in senior management positions working for large organisations and with small scale businesses going through rapid growth and change cycles.  I take a logical approach to solving problems and like to think I can bring calm to chaos!  I bring my extensive business experience to partner with my clients, providing practical and relevant solutions to make them more successful. Almost all my new clients come from being referred to by existing clients. 

I can help transform your business performance by unlocking its full potential by finding ways of working smarter, leaner and as a team in a focused direction. I deliver by bringing the best of myself to your business:  open minded. passionate, collaborative and outcome focussed.

I enjoy every opportunity I get to help create lasting change for the benefit of a business and the people within it. I love making a difference to a businesses performance and empowering other to win and flourish
— Kennedy Gandhi

I offer a free-of-charge 1 hour meeting to explore opportunities and issues you may need help with. This is an informal way for us to get to know each other and for me to get insight on your business and personal ambitions.

Let's meet and see if we can be partners in growing your business together. I'm sure you'll agree - it has to be the right fit.