BUSINESS Consulting

As an owner - why are you killing yourself with the recruiting? Leasing property? Accounts? Do you need help but aren't ready to recruit full time positions?

Want to start a business? Launch a product? Do you know where to start? Get advice before you make costly mistakes. Revenue doesn't necessarily equal profit. Don't experience 'less rapid growth' trying to do it all.

If this sound good to you - you like our approach. Let's meet for a coffee.

Sales rep

Product/Sales representation

You can have the best product in the universe - but do you have the sales skills to get you where you want to go? Sales is the life blood of every business.  If you can't sell your product or service - you're in trouble. If you can't sell your product or service well you are also doing your business and your future customers a dis-service. Sales doesn't have to be a slimy word.  We love to sell products with heart.  Products or services with integrity and authenticity.  Actually - if your product or service doesn't have that, we can't sell it.  We trust that your business with be a great match with us though, so we are sure it does.  Not ready to hire a full time account manager? We're sure we can help you find the right sales solution to meet you where you are at right now and take you to where you want to be.