Green Coffee Bean

From plantation to cup. the story.

• We are involved in the complete journey of the coffee bean from planting all the way through to
 • No money-making middle men. We bring the single estate beans directly from the plantation to you resulting in stable and consistent beans.
 • Ethical and environmentally-friendly.  We invested in this plantation because they are a family who care about their farmers, the ecosystem and the advancing needs of the local community.
 • We hand pick, so we don’t damage the trees or the beans. We also hand-wash in the mountains using
pure natural spring water and sort so as to eliminate the possibility of stones getting in the mix.
 • SHG EP strictly high grown coffee from the mountainous northwest region of Nicaragua-Matagalpa and
Jinotega. Grown at over 1000m altitude. This allows the bean to develop more slowly, resulting in
 denser, higher quality beans. EP stands for European preparation – taking the only the finest green
beans from the mix to bag and export.

Hand picked coffee cherries
Coffee cherry


Paco Estate is tucked away deep in the dense Nicaraguan mountains between Matagalpa and Jinotega at an altitude of between 1200 and 1500 meters above sea level. The estate has 80% of its land dedicated to coffee production of Caturra & Catimor, the remaining 20% has been retained as a forest reserve to maintain the natural beauty of the area and to protect its indigenous wild life and fauna.

Green Bean


Siare Estate is located high in the lush green Nicaraguan mountains, east of Matagalpa and bordering the Cerro Apante Natural Reserve. It is one of the most successful coffee plantations in the region and has been producing high quality coffee for over 60 years. This is demonstrated by its continued success in international competitions such as the highly esteemed Cup of Excellence.


We'd love to send you some samples of our beans. Samples are a standard 150g bag - if you would like a bigger sample please leave us a message below. Happy Roasting.

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