I can unlock ways to grow your business faster, help you delegate more effectively and advise you on how to overcome the disconnects between how to grow and how to run your business.
— Kennedy Gandhi

A quick snapshot of some of the services I offer that I can tailor to suit your specific business needs.

Mentoring and Coaching

Regular or ad hoc opportunities for you to get unconditional advice or support to help you maintain focus on your personal and business goals.  Being a small business owner can be all-consuming. I can help be your business partner to help you develop new ways of thinking on how you approach your business. Someone to turn to when you need support in making the right decisions or help on maintaining focus on the difficult aspects of running a business.

Health Check

An assessment of your business, looking at your strategies for growth, how you run your business on a day-to-day basis and how you manage yourself and your employees.  An independent, objective perspective on what’s going well, what’s not working and recommendations to improve the direction, performance and culture of your business.  I am not in the forest and can see your company from the outside in; instead of the inside out.

Performance Management Review

An analysis of how you manage performance across your business (e.g. financial, customers, projects, people) and where these fit with your business goals and objectives.

New business or New Product?

Starting a new business or launching a new product can be daunting and sometimes in the excitement lots of aspects get overlooked. I can help guide you through the process from pricing to cash flow to packaging to sales and everything in between.


I offer a free-of-charge 1 hour meeting to explore opportunities and issues you may need help with. This is an informal way for us to get to know each other and for me to get insight on your business and personal ambitions.